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Studio Spaces

Nu Wav Studio has two spaces available for use in our recording and visual space.

visual studio setup

Recording Space

The recording studio provides a great space for recording, tracking, mixing and master audio. Great for music, voice over, and podcast recording.

visual studio setup

Visual Space

The visual space provides a space for both video and photography, as well as live performance recording. 

Space includes

-9' Backdrops

        - Black, White, Green screen, Neutral Grey and Beige.

- Apeture 300d light with softbox

- Genaray LED light with softbox

- Luxli 1x1 LED Panels x2

- Apple Boxes

- Sand Bags

- Wooden Stools x2

- Various light stands, cables and accessories. 

visual studio setup


We'd be happy to help you with additional details, reach out to Shadow (Recording) or Colter (Visual) at the email below! 

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